Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Word for 2017

For 4 years now, I've selected a word to focus on throughout the year.    I can rattle off each word and what they mean to me because they have had a huge impact on my life!

In 2014, my word was...Intentional.
In 2015, my word was...Flourish.
Last year, my word was...Savor.

I love each of these words because they have impacted my life in so many different ways.  They're a part of my everyday vocabulary and are at the core of who I am.  So, are you ready to hear what this year's word is???  Drum roll, please.....

So what does this word abundant mean to me?

It stems out of the verse I shared a few days ago.  Read about it here.  The verse is, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they many have life, and have it abundantly."  This verse pierced my heart because I desperately wanted to have what Jesus is offering me...an abundant life!  At the end of last year, I realized I had neglected myself and put the needs of others above myself.  Which I'm sure every woman and mother can totally understand!  I'm not saying it's time for me to be selfish or not concerned with others, but it was apparent that I need to make some changes.

In order to have this abundant life, I'm going to strive to...

One...Put my spiritual life as top priority.    If you look up the word abundance or abundant, it means: overflowing fullness, more than adequate, richly supplied.  Fullness, which is a synonym, means completely filled, complete, well-supplied.  The only way I'm going to experience this abundant, full life is by going to the only source that can provide me with it.  I'm going to make extra time for me to spend time in the word.  If I'm reading something that I want to spend more time on, then I'm going to give myself that time.  Other things can wait.   My children are at an age where they are independent and can get by if I need to finish something.  I need to allow them to take on more responsibilities and not feel the pressure to do it myself.

Two...Put spiritual growth as a top priority in my children's lives too.  Bible & devotion time is going to be the first thing we hit up in the morning when we start our homeschooling day.  All other things can wait.

If I've hit my first goal, then my hope is that my cup with runneth over!  I desire and need to be filled up by God and, in turn, I hope the result of that will be that it will spill over onto others.   God has laid some really exciting things on me and my husband's hearts and its going to require us to step out of our comfort zone a bit.  I look forward to sharing more about it and hope you will join us as we strive to live full, more abundant lives that God has called us to!

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