Friday, January 6, 2017

Crystallized Snowflakes

This week has been tough to jump right back into!  I would have preferred to lounge around the house in my pj's and savor Christmas break a little longer but we had to get back into our routine!  One of our homeschool groups started back up, so with that, normal life needed to return.  The only way to kickstart the new year and the new semester of homeschooling is to make learning fun!  
We have been learning all about snowflakes and reading some incredible books!  We decided to make crystallized snowflakes.  It's one of the easiest projects and kids love it!  I remember making them in school when I was a kid. 
9 tablespoons of Borax
pipe cleaners
glass jars
wire cutter
3 cups of hot water
large measuring cup 

1. Boil water in a kettle.  
2. Cut the pipe cleaners and twist them together into a snowflake shape.
3. Tie string around one of the pipe cleaners.
4. Place Borax in the measuring cup and add boiling water.  Mix for a few minutes until it is dissolved.  Pour into glass jar.
5.  Suspend snowflake into water, without it touching the sides.  Tape the string to the sides of the jar to hold in place.
6.  Now the hard part...leave it alone for 24 hours and wait to see it the crystals grow!
7. Take out of the jars and dry on a napkin.  You can use them as Christmas ornaments too!     

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