Monday, October 10, 2016

History Colorado Center, Denver CO

I know, it's already well into Fall but I wanted to give a bit of a recap about a few things my kids and I did this summer.  My word for the year is savor and this summer I wanted to be intentional about not planning a bunch of things that would distract me from spending time with my kids.  I only have about 8 more summers with my daughter and 11 more with my little guy, before they are off on their own.  Which kind of wrecks me just saying it!  My hope and desire was to really spend some quality time with my kids and savor each moment.  And guess what?  We did it!

We have always loved going downtown, but this summer, I think we all just fell in love with it a little bit more.  We often think things need to cost money in order to be fun but in all actuality free things can be just as much fun too.  We used the Culture Pass from our local library, to visit all of these places that I will share about this week.  We obtained the Culture Pass from our library which allows us access to local museums, historic sites, and parks, which then we are allowed to sign up for and go to those places for free.

Our first outing was to the Molly Brown House.  You can read about it here.

History Colorado Center
This place is wonderful for kids!  It's very hands-on and they are able to participate in a lot of different activities.  Plus, it's full of Colorado history!  However, our first stop was to Torchy's Tacos, which is in walking distance from the History Center.  Nothing better than munching on Mexican food before a day of fun!  If you go there, get the's to die for!
I'm not really sure who these crazy kids are??? Oh, wait...they're mine!
They absolutely adored the general store and so did I!  
We all got to try ski jumping!  

It's really too bad my kids are so boring and don't like to have fun!  I'm sure we look like a bunch of clowns running around outside the the museum!

Explore: History Colorado Center
-Eat lunch before you go in or at least pack a picnic lunch.  We were there several hours.
-Torchy's Tacos is right down the street.  Great Mexican Food & gluten-free options.
-Perfect for elementary school or middle school kids.
Find more information here.


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