Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday

For many years I attended a  MOPS group, so I was interested in reading Mandy Arioto's book Starry-Eyed.  The concept of her book is that we can experience God during both the brightest and darkest of times in our lives.  I don't disagree with this concept, but I found her book to be very disappointing.  It was full of Mandy's stories, which she is entitled to tell, but there were some things she said that had me concerned.  One of these things was about dreaming and opening yourself up to being guided by a dream or "whispering clues."  Another was my perception of her questioning to whether or not the Bible is God-breathed and she referred to the Holy Spirit as a "feminine energy."  It felt like a lot of New Age philosophy and mysticism subtleties that were interwoven throughout the book.  Mandy talks about a lot of other religions in the book too, so if you are going to read it, I  hope you do so with a lot of discernment. Technically, this book is about mothering, and there are stories all mothers can relate to, however, I found that it lacked talking about Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  This always concerns me, because our only hope is found in Christ!  I would not consider this to be a devotional of any kind, but rather stories from Mandy's life.  It lacked Scripture, Truth, and ultimately does not direct a person to seeking God first for most for our answers. I'm sorry, but I would not recommend this book to other women as I want a book that is under the "Christian" category to point people to Jesus and Him alone.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

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