Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cascade Falls, Ouray CO

While camping in Ouray, we hiked the lower Cascade Falls trail.  From our campground, we were able to hop on the trail and walk 3/4 of a mile downhill to the bottom of the falls.  

My little guy loves to ham it up for the camera and I can't tell you how many times he likes to pretend he is getting a drink from a waterfall!  I love his imagination!

Explore: Cascade Falls
~From the Amphitheater Campground, you can hike down to the lower Cascade Falls.  At night, we could hear the falls running.  
~If you don't want to hike it, you can drive to the bottom of the falls and there is a small parking lot.
~It was an easy hike for our kids.  You hike down first, and then hike up the mountain back to the Amphitheater Campground.
~Go here for more information.

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