Monday, September 26, 2016

Box Canyon Falls, Ouray CO

 During our trip to Ouray, we went to the Box Canyon Falls.  This waterfall is in the middle of a rock canyon.  You can't actually see the waterfall but you can see how the water has carved out this beautiful canyon.  It was nice and cool inside the canyon, which was rejuvenating after our previous hike that was hot and sweaty!

 Mining equipment has been left in the canyon.

 Can you believe that my little lady is almost as tall as me???  My little heart is so sad that she is growing up so fast!  I love her so much!
 We also hiked above the waterfall and enjoyed the view.

 This picture is hillarious!  I don't even remember that they had their thumbs down.  I think they were ready to be done hiking for the day!

Explore: Box Canyon Falls
~An easy hike through the canyon, especially for younger kids.  
~During the Spring, water flows so fast that there is so much water in the air that you will probably need a raincoat.
~Several picnic tables are available for a nice lunch.
~Go here for more details.

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