Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Over the last couple of years, I've loved the idea of the slow food moment.  Maybe it has something to do with one of my spiritual gifts being that of hospitality.  There is something about slowing down to come to the table and share a meal and meaningful conversation.  However, it doesn't always happen that way.  Sipping coffee over a long breakfast. Sharing details from your day. Savoring the meal you just made.  We are usually in a rush.  It's apart of our culture...hello fast food restaurants!  Quicker, easier and faster is better.  But is it?  I fall victim to it all the time.  I hardly sit down for breakfast or lunch.  It drives my husband crazy!  I usually eat standing up while doing other things, even though deep down that's really what my heart desires.

Come to the Family Table by Ted & Amy Cunninghman couldn't be a more perfect read for me right now!  Sometimes we need a good check of reality and see if there are things that we are doing that could be limiting us or causing us to miss out.  The book is broken up into 2 parts.  One being that the family table is for us and the other being that it is for others.  Gathering around a table, allows for us to share, create memories, enjoy one other and ultimately share Jesus.  Even Jesus spent a considerate amount of time around a table.  It's not just for us, but for others too!   There's nothing better than being invited over to someone's house for a meal!  It doesn't have to be any special or a big production, but we just need to make time for it.  I really enjoy the Cunningham's perspective that coming around the table just isn't about food, it's the place where we can play games, pray, share stories, learn something new, receive encouragement, and love someone well.

I encourage you to read it too, especially as we enter this next season.  Everything ramps back up in the fall with school starting, sports, church activities, etc.  It can be hard to find time to priorities mealtime, but let's do what we can to be intentional about it!

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