Friday, August 26, 2016

Favorite's Friday

Play With Fire by Bianca Olthoff
I first stumbled upon Bianca's blog 7 or 8 years ago.  Instantly, I loved her personality and she reminded me so much of home...California.  Her quick-wit and sense of humor makes me feel like she's one of my home girls.  I have had the honor of being part of her book launch party and got to read her book before it hits the shelves next Tuesday.  Her book, Play With Fire, is packed full of her honest journey of transformation and her struggle of walking through fire.  Not an actual fire, but the fires, or rather trials, we go through that are hard, but hopefully in the end, lead to transformation.  

Our deliverance isn't going to come from outside the furnace.  The only way to get free is to go through the fire.  It's in the fire that we are refined.  It's in the fire that we are freed.  The very thing that is suppose to kill us can free us, helping us to enter the presence of God in ways we've never known before.

We all have walked through different kinds of fires and we aren't made to walk through it alone.  As Bianca shares her story, she encourages us to find others to journey through life with.  We need to be in community with others where we can be real and let down our guard.  It's not if we will walk through fire, rather it's when.   As a woman, I'm so thankful to have others in my life that can help me through trials.  If you don't have that, then go and get it.  Ask a friend to meet with you and share your heart.  Share your baggage.  Be brave.  We all need it, even if it feels weird or makes us feel vulnerable.  Because in the end, we are all going through something and we need each other!

Orly Nail Polish
All summer, my favorite nail polish has been Orly: Oh Cabana Boy.  I'm not really a bright-pink-kind-of-girl, but I just can't get enough of it!  Probably because it reminds me of summer so much...bright and cheerful!  I just put another coat on this week and will be wearing it as long as I can!  I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply store.

So You Think You Can Dance
Lastly, I'm lovin' this season of So You Think You Can Dance.  All of the contestants are kids and they are the most adorable things!  My favorite is J.T. and I just can't get over how cute he is and how talented they all are.  Check it out Monday nights!

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