Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Happeninngs

June was a very busy month for us!  It was filled with lots of visitors and full of fun!

My sister came for a visit and helped me in my garden!  Can you believe how big my Napa cabbage grew?
 The Moler family came for a visit!  We had a great time with them and just loved that they came to see us!  We miss them dearly since they live in California!   
 We watched lots of baseball games! It was his first year of coach pitch.
 My husband turned 40!  I surprised him with a night out with friends.  We went to dinner, did an escape room, and had dessert!
The kids went to Vacation Bible School at our church and they had an amazing time!
We spent lots of time working on different art projects.
While my in-laws were visiting, we went to The Compassion Experience held at our church.

 We attended family night with our kids track and field team.  We ran to Dairy Queen to get a treat and then played Capture the Flag...parents vs. kids!

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