Friday, July 8, 2016

Favorites Friday

It's Friday and I'm ready to share some of my favorite things right now!  

Summer wouldn't be summer without a good salad and this GF & Paleo Thai Chicken Chop Salad did not disappoint!  Caroline Potter came up with a wonderful recipe and I just adore her cookbook.  This salad recipe is on her website, but I would highly recommend buying her cookbook All-American Paleo Table, I've used it a lot!

I adore listening to different podcasts while I'm walking!   Three mornings a week, I take my kids to track practice and while they are running, I have some quiet time and then go on a walk and listen to a podcast.  Exercise and encouragement equals one happy momma!  Lately, I've been enjoying the God Centered Mom Podcast.   Heather, the host of GCMP is great and I really have enjoyed listening to her and her guests.  I really enjoyed a recent podcast with Heather and guest Rebecca Hagelin about Crafting Your Family Culture.  Every mom should listen to this!

My favorite snack right now is Royal Hawaiian Sea Salt Macadamia nuts.  I usually buy them at Costco, but they are out right now and it is literally killing me!  Why does Costco do that?  They get you hooked and then one day you go in and they aren't there!  They're so good!

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