Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Turtle Island & Watercolor Painting

I love reading books that are filled with beautiful pictures, which then prompts us to create our own artwork.  Recently, we read Turtle Island by Kevin Sherry and it was a really cute book that captured my son's imagination.  To go along with the story, we created our own watercolor crayon resistant paintings.     

watercolor paper
watercolor paints
yellow crayon
hexagon stencil (we made our own out of card stock)

1.  Using watercolor paper, draw a picture of a turtle.  We used a hexagon stencil and a yellow crayon to draw the shell.
2.  Paint over the shell with watercolors and the crayon will resist the paint.  Add any other paint to your picture.

 3.  Once it is dry, use markers or crayons to add houses, animals, etc. to your turtle island.   Use the book for inspiration.
 4.  Outline your turtle using a black marker.

Here are some other book by Kevin Sherry we have enjoyed.


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