Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ocean Zones: Mixed-Medium Art

This past year we learned about the different ocean zones but really didn't dive deep (pun intended) into them, until we came across the book, Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures.  As my son read  the book to me, his little mind was full of questions.    This craft became his idea and we followed his leading as we used the book for our inspiration.  

Finger paint paper (any paper will do)
tempera paint- blue, white, purple, black
oil pastels
black sharpie

1.  Using tempera paint, start with a light blue color and gradually mix in different colors to create 6 different layers.  The 6 layers will be for the different zones.  

2.  Mix equal parts white paint and water and then using your brush splatter the paint.  You will only use a little bit, but it creates dimension and texture.  If you are worried about paint going everywhere, move outside for this portion.  Tempera paint wipes up easily.  Trust me, my little guy gets carried away and paint usually ends up on my floor, but it cleans right up!

3.  For the last step (see picture above), we use oil pastels and drew different sea creatures on our painting. 
4.  Lastly, we labeled the different seas zones using a sharpie.

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