Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eric Carle-Inspired Sea Art

Author, Eric Carle is a great writer but what I love even more about him is his amazing work as an artist.  He illustrates all of his books and uses different mediums to create each piece of art on every page.    Using books inspires my kids and I to create and try different and new techniques.  As we read the book, Mister Seahorse, we talked about the different techniques Eric Carle used and then we set out to create our own piece of artwork.  

poster board (cut in half)
tempera paint
foam paintbrushes
watercolor paint & brushes
watercolor paper
black marker or sharpie
tissue paper and/or crepe paper streamers (different shades of green)
embellishments- glitter, markers, crayons, sequence, oil pastels, etc. (use whatever you have on hand)

1.  Lay the poster board lengthwise and paint it with one color, preferably a lighter shade of blue.    
 2.  Using a darker blue, paint over the first color and then use your scraper to scrape away some of the paint.  The paint scrapers create a fun texture.  Allow to dry completely.
 3.  Now use watercolor paper and a pencil to draw several different types of fish or seahorses.   Use the book for inspiration.   Use watercolors to paint the sea creatures.
4.  Once it is dry, outline the sea creatures with black marker or sharpies.  Cut them out.
5.  Using tissue paper or crepe paper streamer, add them to the poster board to create seaweed.  Cut them into their shapes and glue them onto the poster board.

6.  Glue on your sea creatures and embellish your artwork with markers, crayons, oil pastels, glitter, etc.


  1. We may look back at drawings of these odd looking fish our ancestors have drawn and say, what were they thinking? orbeez