Friday, May 20, 2016

Personality Tests

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I'm a huge fan of the Myers-Brigg test but never really thought about it correlating to me as a homeschool momma.  The 4 little letter combinations can tell a lot about who you are as a person but also what kind of homeschooler I am too.  I happened to come along this website that I think every homeschool mom should check out.  I think it is so important to know your homeschool personality.  Often I get the comment, "I could never homeschool."  I have 2 things to say to that.  Yes, not everyone will homeschool and there is nothing wrong with that.  But secondly, anyone could homeschool if you felt like that's what you should do.  It's not a degree that makes someone a teacher, although it certainly can help, it's the internal drive to learn, explore and and ponder that makes one a teacher.

Whether you are homeschooling your children or not, I think knowing your personality and how you interact with other people is so important to understand.  Go here and take the Myers-Brigg test.  It's a free online version and it really explains so much of who you are and definitely helps you understand yourself and others, and how you can relate to them.   Not only to do you find out your 4-letter combination but there is a description of what it means.  I chuckled when I read part of mine, which said...

They have zero tolerance for stupidity, they have drive, and they prefer to be unconventional and do things their own way.

Yep...that's totally me! As blunt as that is, which it made me cringe a bit, it's who I am.  I'm a INTJ.

Go take the test and come back and share what your 4-letter combination is.  I would love to hear!

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