Friday, May 27, 2016

Favorites Friday

Do you have any favorite things that you are dying to tell your girlfriends about?  Today, is Favorites Friday, where I will share 3-5 things that I'm currently diggin' right now.  
I eat eggs almost every day and this little gadget has made life so much easier!  You can make hard-boiled eggs, an omelette, or poached eggs in the cooker.  It just takes a few minutes and you don't have to watch over it like when you cook eggs on the stove.  Just leave it and go.  The timer will ring when they are done.  My kids can even use it!

I read this book on vacation and it is the best!  I've read all of Shauna's books.  They are filled with humor, struggles and a realness about life that I really appreciate.  The book is filled with recipes and the pure joys of sharing a meal together.

I've listened to Jamie's podcast for a year now and it is still my favorite!  She has amazing guests on and they talk about all kinds of things.   I find myself laughing and being encouraged in every episode!

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