Thursday, April 14, 2016

Right vs. Easy

I could seriously write a book about this quote!  Over the past couple of months my heart has been grieved by this notion that we often tend to want to do what is easy or convenient, rather than that which is right.  We all struggle with this, including me.  Sometimes we can be very narrow-minded and only see things through our rose-tented glasses rather than looking at the bigger picture.  It's easy to do.  We choose to think about what we want rather than what God wants.   We justify our actions, we get excited, and pretty soon we are tumbling down the path of what is easy, convenient, and comfortable to us.  

There's this quote my husband always says: "Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do."   What grieves me is the choices we make often lean on the side of easy.  They may be good, but are they right?  I have found that often times the choices that God is usually asking me to make are not easy.  They are not convenient and require sacrifice.  They stretch me.  But they're right.  I have learned this not only as a person but also as a leader.  It's tough being a leader.  There have been times in which I wish I could have taken the easy road.  It's difficult going against the grain and painfully hard sometimes to do the right thing.  But it is necessary.  

As I have walked through this season, I keep reminding myself of a few simple facts...
One...It's not about what we want, but rather what God wants.
Two...We are called to be inclusive not exclusive.
Three...Being a leader requires us to stand up for what is right, not what is easy. 

I will never be a perfect leader.  I have made plenty of mistakes and I'm sure I will stumble in the future.  But what I do hope for is that I will do what is right.  It might not look pretty, there may be resistance, but I long to follow God and do what is right!  

Let's band together as women to help keep each other accountable in doing what is right.  We need each other as we walk through the trenches of life, making difficult decisions.  Let's be the type of women that aren't afraid of the hard road, because in the end it will be the right road!

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