Friday, April 15, 2016

Book About Puberty for Girls

Oh the joys of puberty!  We all need help with wading our way through the years of puberty!  It is not an easy period in anyone's life, but somehow we all make it through the awkward stage.  I remember it all...
The emotional ups and downs.
Looking at my legs and thinking how did they get so hairy?
Being so embrassed to have my mom in the dressing room helping me to try on training bras.
The unfortunate timing of my monthly friend.
Dreading the thought of having to change my clothes in the locker room.

Yuck!  I'm so glad I don't have to do it again, but in some ways, I am revisiting it by walking through it with my daughter.

I've found some great resources that I'm using with her to help her navigate through this season.

They have been a great starting off point to discuss these changes that are going to be starting to happen.

Also, I have to share another resource that I think every Mom/Daughter should do and that's attend a Secret Keeper Girl.  They put on shows all over the country that talk about embracing inner beauty, biblical modesty and purity for tween girls.  We have gone to 2 of these and they have been so fun!  Our last one was the Crazy Hair Tour and we went all out!

We even made it up on stage, which was way out of our comfort zone for the both of us!

Go to the Secret Keeper Girl website and check it out!  There are lots of resources and information to help us journey through mood swings, modesty, purity, etc.

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