Friday, April 1, 2016

A Beautiful Mess

Life is messy.
This isn't something I've just learned. 
It's something I've always known.  
But somehow we want life to be nice and neat.  
It's easier when it's pretty and things are going the way we desire.  

This morning I was doing school with my kids and my son dropped his pencil sharpener and it opened and pencil shavings were everywhere!  Usually, my first instinctive reaction would have been frustration or annoyance because now we have a mess to clean up.  Pretty sad, I know, but honesty here ladies, I'm a flawed momma.  However, this was not the case.  I immediately was intrigued by the mess.  The sun was shining through the window and the little pencil shavings almost sparkled in the light.  All the colors caught my eye.  Immediately, I stopped my son from sweeping up the shaving so that I could capture it on camera.  Weird, I know.   Who photographs a mess?  Just me, the crazy lady, as my kids laughed and made fun of me for taking pictures of it.   But I saw more than just a mess.  Although it wasn't something my son wanted to have happened, the pencil shavings that had dumped out on the floor reflected life to me.

Life is full of messes.  They often don't happen at the best time, rather it's usually at the worst possible time.  We often look at messes with the wrong perspective.  Like I said, I was immediately drawn into the beautiful colors that glimmered in the sunlight on my floor. Within a mess or something hard we are going through, there are often little glimmers of beauty.  Beauty can come in many forms.  Sometimes I don't see the beauty until the mess is completely over.  Sometimes,  I miss it completely.  But if I'm really paying attention, I can see that a mess or a hard situation brings growth and change within me.  As hard as it is to admit, struggles add color and dimension to our lives.  It causes us to be stretched, dig deeper in our faith, rise to the occasion, and reminds us that we are ultimately not in control.    I was reminded of these truths today, when the mess was smeared all over my floor.   We might want to live in a world that is black and white, but reality is, it's just not that way.

Life is full of messes.
They are not black & white; they are full of color.  
Some messes we get and some we don't completely understand.
But instead of dreading the messes of life, let's look for the beauty that might be trying to catch our attention and teach us something new about ourselves. 
Often times beauty can come from something that once began as a mess.
Check your perspective; you might be missing some type of beauty within your messy life.