Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Entertaining is my thing!  I love having a house full of people, sharing stories, and laughing about the crazy things we have done and experienced!  We had several people and families over for Easter, which was a ton of fun!

Our day was full with church, lunch at my parents and then we hosted dinner at our house.


Trader Joe's just opened up close to our house and I couldn't be more excited than to buy some of their beautiful flowers! 

On the Menu...
Smoked Turkey
Deviled Eggs
Green Salad
Paleo Lemon Curd Cake
Peach Pecan Crisp (the only thing non-paleo)

This dessert was one of my favorite things!   You can find the recipe in the All-American Paleo Table Cookbook.

Our kids were in a play at our church on Easter morning!  Last year, we experienced lots of changes and God took us on a journey of looking for a new church.  It wasn't an easy year and, at times, I had a lot of questions,  but it was evident it was time for a change because we were lacking the growth that we were craving and needing.  

Can I just say, God is so good!  He has provided us with a church that is just what our hearts were longing for!  There's no perfect church and they are all full of sinners just like me, but I see so much potential and I'm so excited about the programs for our kids that our new church has to offer!  Our kids are thriving and that is huge!   

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