Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Austin, TX


About two weeks ago, I traveled to Austin with my friend Bethany to attend the IF:Gathering.  A weekend away was what my soul was needing!  We had an amazing time and I feel like I’m still trying to process everything we heard. 

The speakers at the IF:Gathering were amazing and one of my favorite things about it was just how everyone was transparent, real, and honest.  As women, we constantly need to be reminded that we are not alone; each one of us has hard and messy things going on in our lives and together we can support one another.

We also ran into Jamie Ivey!  I’m pretty sure I acted like a total crazy lady!  I just adore her and her podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey!  When you listen to someone each week you kind of feel like you know them, which is the reason for all my excitement!  After we parted ways, I just had to laugh at myself!  God, only knows what she thought of me!

Bob Goff and Korie Roberston were a joy to see!IMG_4748

Here are a list of the places we enjoyed…
We ate at La Condesa and Torchy’s Tacos    FYI…There a Torchy’s Tacos in Denver that just opened!
Texas State Capital Building
Central Market
We walked along the Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail
We hiked Mount Bonnell
We ate breakfast at the Whole Food Flagship Store…Whole Foods started in Austin and this store is huge!

We walked for a couple hours on Sunday, just taking in the views and enjoying the warm weather.  Earlier in the week, we had gotten over a foot of snow in Denver, so walking in 70 degree weather was wonderful!

A beautiful sunset as we landed back in CO!

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