Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Word for 2016

This is my 3rd year that I’ve picked a word to focus on for the year. I can’t tell you how much these words mean to me. It’s just one tiny little word. But the impact has been huge on my life!
In 2014, my word was…Intentional.
In 2015, my word was…Flourish.
For 2016, the word is…Savor.
I want to savor life to the fullest this year and I know God is really asking 3 things of me as I’ve pondered this word.
One…Slow Down
In order to really appreciate what God has given me, it requires me to slow down. This idea of slowing down came out of some of what God taught me last year during a season of cutting back and really being intentional about what I say yes or no to. Slowing down also allows for more chances for us to be spontaneous and room for new opportunities to occur. I want to savor not only the big things in life but also the little things.
Two…Dig Deeper
Relationships are a huge deal for me, maybe because my love language is quality time. Whatever the case may be, I thrive the most when people truly know me and I know them. This year, I want to dive deeper into my friendships and create opportunities where that happens. Hospitality is another one of my love languages and there is nothing better than having people over and sharing a meal together. Our culture has lost this and we need to regain it back some how. Who cares if my house is messy? who cares if the food isn’t perfect or the timing isn’t right? I’m going to have people over. Not just sometimes, but often. That’s how we need to live life, by having people over, getting in each other’s business and seeing what is really going on. To any young ones out there, don’t care about what others might think or not think, just have people over. Community is the key to having deep, meaningful relationships. It’s time to savor those friendships!
I want to linger at the table and talk for hours.
I want to need a 2nd cup of tea when I meet a friend at Starbucks.
I want to stroll for long walks with my husband.
I want to stop by my friends’ house unannounced, just because I can.
I want fill my backyard with BBQ’s and bonfires this summer.
I want to celebrate the little moments and help each other through the hard moments.
Three…Love More
This one is a no brainier, but is something I can always improve on. Bob Goff wrote an amazing book I read a few years back called Love Does. It again is one of those books that has made a big impact on me. The book summarizes how extravagant God’s love was for us, by sending His Son to die for us. The more I really try to understand the weight of it, the more and more I realize how big God is and how big His love for us is; which I’m beyond grateful for and feel compelled to emulate His love more and more. In Psalm 34:8 David writes, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  I want everyone to have the chance to taste and see that the Lord is good, maybe a little love is all that someone might need.
Flower wreath by angiemakes.

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