Thursday, December 3, 2015

Savannah, GA

I know it was a few weeks ago when I shared about our trip to Georgia, but I couldn’t leave out our time in Savannah!  We just spent the day there, but our time was sweet.  Savannah is a mix of old, historic and beautiful Southern charm!  The oak tree were to die for and I loved collecting acorns, which my family through I was a little nuts…yes, pun intended!   One day, I want to go back!
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Georgia Trip-207_FD
Georgia Trip-208_FD
Georgia Trip-214_FDGeorgia Trip-229_FDGeorgia Trip-237_FD

Georgia Trip-253_FDGeorgia Trip-261_FD

Sights to see in Savannah:
City Market- A great place to eat!
River Street
Forsyth Park- Take a picture by the fountain!
Savannah Visitor Center- Lots of information and a great place to get started!
Tybee Island- It's only 18 miles from Savannah and a must see!

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