Saturday, October 10, 2015

Finding Rest in Creating

I’ve been extremely protective of our Sundays and wanting it to be a true day-of-rest.  Like every momma out there, I’m tired and need down time, but I really wasn’t allowing time in our busy schedule to rest.   Until a feel months ago, as a family we decide to get real intentional about having 1 day to do nothing or whatever recharges us.  Rest looks different for every person.  For me, rest comes in a few different ways…
taking a nap
watching a movie
reading a book

A few weeks ago, I took some cardboard, paint, & yarn and headed outside. The weather was warm and so enticing, that I couldn’t stay cooped up in the house.  I cut up some cardboard letters and gave them a quick paint job.IMG_3773
I used different yarns and bakers twine and randomly wrapped each letter.  My husband thought I was crazy for spending my time wrapping cardboard with yarn!  Thankfully, he understands me.  He knows that spending time creating, recharges me.IMG_3355
Plus, who doesn’t want a cute sign to usher in a new season!IMG_3358
Happy fall!

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