Sunday, August 9, 2015



A few weeks ago, I was at a conference and a woman was sharing about the importance of feeding our children.  In today’s world, mothers are very concerned with what they are feeding their kids.  One could get lost in reading article after article of what you should be feeding your kids…organic, nonorganic, GMO free, gluten-free, grass fed, the list goes on and on.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feed our kids the very best.  As parents, we need to be concerned with what we are feeding our kids, but that wasn’t her point.
Her point was this: being concerned with what goes in our kids bodies is good. We want our kids to be healthy.  We want to train and raise them with healthy eating habits.  But how much more we should be concerned with how are we feeding our kids spiritually?   When she said this my heart stopped.  Instantly, thoughts swirled in my head… How often do I think about what and how I am spiritually feeding my kids?  Am I feeding them enough?  Do they lack spiritual food?  Are they spiritually starving?
I think about food at least 3 times a day…breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Plus, a few snacks and maybe dessert.  I don’t think about feeding my kids spiritually 3 times a day.  Sure, we may do  devotions, read a bible story, memorize scripture, but am I really being intentional about how I’m feeding my kids spiritually?  Not so much.
I knew before leaving the conference that day, that some things needed to change.  One of them, was already happening.
God was calling us to pull back.  For about 6 months now, my husband and I knew that it was time to decrease the amount of activities we were involved in.  Some of them were really good activities, hard to give up, but necessary to be able to be more intentional with our children.  We found that we were all going in different directions, doing different things, which prevented us from being able to spend more time together and be spiritually fed together.
As we began to ponder what things we needed to change or add, we began with what God has asked of us.  God has placed my husband and myself as the primary caretaker of our children.  We asked ourselves the questions…“What is our role and what do we need to do?    If we want to have spiritual mature kids, what do we need to do?” This is what we came up with…
Spend time in the Word together
Model studying God’s Word
Make time for questions and having discussions about God’s Word
Share what God is teaching you through His Word
Live out His Word through scripture memorization and serving together
It was tough thinking about how we weren’t feeding our kids as well as we would have liked to.  Nothing like being humbled by God.  We know we won’t do it perfectly, we will mess up, but our desire is to be intentional for our kids growth and for our own.  My hope is that in a year we will look back and we will see where the sacrifice and the pulling back has paid off, and that we will be flourishing as a family that is well-fed!

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