Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Grumpy Moments

Steamboat Springs 2015-29-2
Some days, I feel just like this…grumpy, annoyed and all together frustrated.
My 5 year old is great at showing his emotions. He is quite expressive and has a look to go with every emotion.  This look was caused because his sister accidentally sat on his hand when I asked them to sit on the log for a picture.  Justified, right?
His look got me thinking…“Do I ever look like this when something happens to me?”  There are times when I certainly want to cross my arms and scrunch up my face.  But then some self-control (thank you, Jesus) takes over, because I know I would look ridiculous!
But often times, I feel like this inside.
Let’s pretend we were having coffee at Starbucks.  If I was to ask you…What is something that is making you want to scrunch up your face and cross your arms?  What would you tell me?
Often times, we don’t want to talk about those things, for fear that someone might see our real emotions…whether good or bad, the things we struggle with or the sin that keeps us in bondage.  However, we are human and these emotions, whether we like them or not are real.
So what’s going on in my life that makes me want to scrunch up my face and cross my arms these days?
Bickering kids. Why can’t we all just get along?
Meals. Really, do we have to eat? I’ve hit a wall with cooking. It never stops, all I hear is…”I’m hungry.”  “I want a snack.”  “What’s for dinner?”  Can I just say, a personal chef would be AMAZING!
Summer is flying by. Really, it’s mid-July. How can that be?  I want it to SLOW DOWN!
As much as I don’t like the moments when my son scrunches up his face and crosses his arms, I can totally relate.   Sometimes its just the way we feel.  Thank goodness that we don’t stay there for too long, because there can be great blessings in the things that cause us the most emotional turmoil. We just have to look for it!

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