Thursday, May 28, 2015

Colorado Springs, CO

For our little family of 4, it’s important to get away ever so often and reconnect with one another.  We all crave it and enjoy the simplicity of just being together.  We spent the weekend in Colorado Springs and spent both days hiking and exploring. IMG_1427
We went to the Cliff Dwellings in Manitou Springs, where we explored the ancient Anasazi ruins.  The kids loved running around and seeing how small some of the buildings were.IMG_1445
We’ve spent both days hiking around Garden of the Gods. We’ve been here before and our kids loved climbing all over the rocks.  Plus, the views are just beautiful!IMG_1474
We also got a good look at Pikes Peak from where we were hiking.IMG_1481 
The kids learned about Pikes Peak this year as part of our US geography.  We were going to drive up there but we weren’t to keen on the idea of being in snow.  I’m sorry, but come May, I don’t want to see that white stuff anymore!

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