Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Note to Self...


I know the term, “It’s not all about you,” all to well. I’ve used the term with my kids, perhaps even with my husband and for sure I’ve used it for myself. We all have selfish tendencies…I know I do. It can be so easy to keep our eyes on ourself and be consumed with our own little world. Pretty much, I would describe this mentality the way of our world today. It’s all about me, me, me. I’ve been burdened by this lately. I think it’s one of the ways God is working on me; showing me that life isn’t all about me. It’s definitely not a new revelation. Or I’m not thinking, “Really, it’s not about me?” I know that life shouldn’t be just about me. I think I’ve learned and experienced that just being a wife, friend and a mother…life isn’t always about me. If anything, those relationship have taught me that life is about others and the other things that intersect our lives.
So easily, we can get caught up in our own little world and our own busyness that we fail to recognize that God has a different agenda for us. Too often I think we fall into the trap of making our wishes, our desires, and our wants into what we say God wants, without ever really consulting God on it. It can be such a slippery slope.  What we are doing may be a good thing, so we justify our thinking by saying,“Of course God would want me to do it.” But really is this the case? If we are trying to justify it or make something happen; is that really what God wants? Sometimes, I can really get in the way of what God wants. I think we need to tell ourselves more often the phrase…“It’s not all about you!” I know, it’s not easy to tell yourself that, right?  Sometimes, those words can sting and hit us right to the core!
However, I think this phrase, “It’s not about you,” can keep us in check.
One…It gets our eyes off of ourself.
It allows us to think of the bigger picture and plan that God has for us. That it’s not just about me and what I want. Rather, we need to ask the question…“What does God want?  What is best for God’s people as a whole, not just me?”
Two…It helps us to not be selfish.
Love is not selfish. If we are going to love others, then it requires us to not be selfish. This is a huge one for me.  It’s one I’m continually working on. We are constantly faced with decisions and our responses to them. Is it going to be…“I want, what I want,” trying to fulfill our own desires and wants? Or, will we allow ourself to put God’s desires and wants above our own. This is one I work on daily. Sometimes, I do better at it than other times. I know that when I filter everything out with God, I allow Him the time to set my day, my agenda, and what is best for His plan, not my little plan.
Three…God’s plan is better than our plan.
Humility is what I need more of. I’m sure I’m in good company and we could all use a little more humility. This “dying to self” thing is not easy! But what I’ve really learned over the years, is that…
It isn’t about me, it’s about God.
Even when I don’t understand God and what He is doing, I’ve learned His plan is always better than mine. Manipulation and doing it my own way, doesn’t work! In fact, it will get us into big trouble. There will be consequences. So instead, of going down the wrong path, I’m trying to choose the right one, by being humble, stripping away my own wants, and waiting on God to tell me what He wants.  Because it isn’t just about me!

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