Monday, January 12, 2015

Resting in a Mess


Being creative runs deep in my bones.  It’s just the way God has wired me.   If I have free time, expressing my creativity is the first place I want to go.   It rejuvenates and satisfies my soul.  Creativity is a must in my life!  It’s also a trait that God possesses too.  No one is more creative than Him!  Hello…he made the world is 6 days!  And on the 7th day He took time to rest and marvel at all He made, and we know from His Word that, “It was good.”
How often in our lives do we take time to rest?  To sit back and look at what we have created, made, or have experienced; and we say, “it’s good.”  Most of the time we look around and see all the negative things or all the messes in our life and think, “What a disaster.”  Sometimes, life is messy, painful, disastrous, and you can’t see past all the dirt.  When we are in the trenches of life, sometimes the only thing we see are the hard, difficult things.
Over Christmas break, my kids and I did several art projects since it was bitterly cold outside.  One of the projects we did was with chalk pastels.  Using chalk pastels are not for the faint of heart, they are messy and get everywhere.  My son was having a grand ol’ time and the mess reflected it.  Usually when we do projects, I anticipate a bit of a mess, but this day my little guy had made huge mess.  At first, I was a bit frustrated that he had made  such a huge mess.  Chalk was everywhere!
We took time to clean it all up and I thought to myself maybe we won’t use chalk again.   But, my focus was still on all the mess.
Several days later, I was sitting at the kitchen table.  I had just finished lunch and I was marveling at all the art projects the kids and I had made over Christmas break.  I realized in that moment, that life can be messy, but if we don’t take time to rest, we miss the beauty that a mess brings.  A project can be messy and in the midst of it, that is all we might see.  But if we take the time to step back, reflect, and rest in what we have done, we will be able to see the beauty that comes after a mess.
A mess can be a good thing, because it can lead to beautiful things!  Rest is required in seeing the beauty beyond the messes!
What messes do you need to see beyond?  Take time today to rest and reflect on them.  Look for the beauty!

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