Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jesus Party

One of our yearly Christmas traditions is our Happy Birthday, Jesus party.  We invite our friends to come and wear their favorite pajamas.  We serve candy cane pancakes, Jesus cupcakes and there is a hot chocolate bar.HBJ

Each year, I read a Christmas story about Jesus and we make a craft.

Everyone looks forward to the Jesus cupcakes.  Each layer of the cupcake has a special meaning.
here’s what each of the layers mean… 
bottom layerblack…our sin.
middle layer…red…the blood Jesus shed for us by dying on the cross.
top layer…green…our new life in Him.
frostingwhite…our sins are washed away and we are white as snow when we seek forgiveness in Him.
candle…we are to shine bright like Jesus!

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