Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Sleepover

The other night we had two of our children’s friends over for a sleepover. I wanted their parents to have an evening to themselves.   Their kids got to enjoy an evening of fun with us!  We meshed two of our favorite nights together…a Happy Birthday, Jesus Party and a Polar Express Night.  They don’t necessarily go together, but we made it work.
This greeted them at the door.IMG_0227
We made our reindeer popcorn bags.
And our Happy Birthday, Jesus cupcakes.IMG_0229
I made Pioneer Woman’s Hamburger soup for dinner. I do add cheese to the top of the soup and call it cheeseburger soup instead. It’s tasty!  Try it!
We have a train whistle that we blow and the kids have to look for their hidden tickets. I print up tickets from here. Once every child has found their ticket, we being the movie.  We even had a hot chocolate party at the same time as in the movie!
They munch on there reindeer popcorn throughout the movie.IMG_0249
To end the evening, we celebrate Jesus with cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.IMG_0254
I’m so glad we got to enjoy this evening with some of our favorite people!

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