Thursday, August 14, 2014


I feel like I’m a bit out of the loop and spinning in circles!  Ever feel like that?  You see, we went on vacation and now we are back and I’m being quickly thrown back into reality. I’m not sure I’m adjusting back to life as quickly as I need to be. Going away was so nice, I was able to relax, unplug from the world a bit, had some much needed down time but I came back to the crazy busyness of life!


Everything is starting back up…I need to start homeschooling again, there are piles of laundry to be done, an overgrown garden to tend to…the list goes on.   Summer brings about a carefreeness that I love…no schedules, late nights, sleeping in, and lots of fun.  I always feel a bit uneasy at the beginning of September, not sure about what lies ahead; and with September on the horizon, I’m just wondering how we are going to adjust to the schedules and activities that start back up??? Usually, by mid-September we finally settle into a routine and it feels like we are back in our groove. However, this in-between stage is always a bit overwhelming, especially this year, going from vacation to back into the beginning of the school season.
I think next year, I might just schedule vacation a bit earlier in the summer, so that I can ease my way back into reality, instead of being thrown back into it! However, I’m trying to not just focus on the now, but remember all the great memories we made on this vacation. Life might be busy now, but we sure had a restful time, and for that I’m grateful!
Tomorrow, I will share more about our trip….stay tuned!

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