Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Road Trip...The Presidential Tour

Our summer vacation was unique this year in the fact that we wanted to see things that we would be learning about this coming school year. Since I’m homeschooling, I thought it would be fun to see things along the way and do a little learning.  We are focusing on US History this year and during our trip we hit 5 places that where about a different president.
Our first stop was Dwight D.Eisenhower Presidential Museum in Abilene, Kansas.presidentstour
Our second stop was Ulysses S. Grant’s farm and National Historic Site in St. Louis, Missouri.presidenttour2
The next stop we made was in Springfield, Illinois.  We went the Abraham Lincoln’s Presidential Museum & house.presidenttour3
Our fourth stop was the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan.presidenttour4
Our last stop on our Presidential tour was the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum in West Branch, Iowa.presidenttour5
Here are a few things I learned from taking the kids to several museums:
Expect there to be someone who might become unhappy or possibly have a meltdown.
Go through the museum at a child’s pace, don’t read everything…that’s for later when you are retired.
Always watch the 15 minute movie at the museum which gives you an overview of the president’s life. Kids love movies!
Tour the inside of the museum first. Then, allow them to get their energy out and explore any outdoor things they might have at the museum.

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